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Why Chose Welplan?

SPECIALIST IN CONSTRUCTION     We understand the specific needs of this sector giving you the right support, even for short term contracts and projects.
FLEXIBLE AND TAILORED   One size does not fit all. You can chose a package of benefits right for your employees and budget. Helping you attract and retain staff.

Your benefits are managed as part of a larger group scheme, with all the benefits of economies of scale. This means reduced costs for you.

DEDICATED TEAM OF EXPERTS   Just like you, we are experts in what we do, so you can be assured that we will create the right benefits package for your employees. 
IN-HOUSE UK BASED SUPPORT   No automation or outsourcing of support. You and your employees speak with real people, in the UK, who understand the sector.
SUPERB TRACK RECORD   Our sick, accident and death schemes are discretionary trusts which means we pay out in over 99% of cases, that's peace of mind.

We work with world leading global partners to provide best in class solutions to complement our own Welplan benefits.



About Welplan

Set up in 1960 to support the building engineering services sector, Welplan specialises in tailored employee benefits programmes for the construction sector.

Welplan now runs employee benefit programmes for some of the country's most prominent industry groups and businesses. Welplan's range of products help employers provide peace of mind and financial security for their employees.

Welplan has a proud heritage and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), which offers a vast range of services developed with business in mind.