Terms and conditions are not just about pay. Any forward thinking business knows that people are its most valuable asset. The benefits solutions we provide give security to your workforce. Security in an uncertain world is a valuable and a valued part of working for a forward thinking employer. As one of the leading pension and benefits providers in the UK, we can provide your business with a cost effective and completely flexible solution for all your employee benefits needs. And with a service level which is personal to your business. And your people.

A completely flexible pension scheme is available to your business. You choose the contribution rates, as many as you want, and we look after the rest. We can enable you to meet your statutory pension duties including auto enrolment. The benefit of providing a simple and flexible pension scheme for your people is highly valued. Welplan is a not-for-profit pension organisation and we provide simple, flexible and cost effective pension solutions tailored to your business.

Death Benefit. Security for loved ones should the worst happen. Don't underestimate the value this benefit provides to underpin your investment in your people. Again, it is simple and flexible. You choose the death benefit you want for each of your employees and we do the rest. There are no hidden exclusions.

No-one knows what's just around the corner, good or bad. Sickness or an accident which causes time off work can happen to anyone. You choose the cover, we fix the cost and provide the benefit and security to your business of knowing these unforeseen events are covered.

Even with the best of intentions, accidents can happen to anyone at any time, especially in a work environment. Sometimes accidents are quickly dealt with and have no long lasting effects. But sometimes accidents are more serious and can be life changing for those involved. Accident Cover can give peace of mind and practical financial support.

World class Healthcare is available to your business, either as a stand-alone benefit, or as part of a flexible benefits package to suit your business.

Employee Assistance support is a valuable extra included with the full scheme package (or standalone). Discounted Health Assessments are also available to full members.

We specialise in providing flexible combinations of these employee benefits for your business to keep your people feeling secure and valued. It's simple, flexible and cost-effective. Call us now to find out how we can support you to build a better business.