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Your annual statement

It is important to review your pension savings regularly to help you decide if you are saving enough, and if you are currently investing in the right way to meet your future needs.

Annual Statements are produced for members who were part of the scheme as at the previous 5 April. For example, if you were in the scheme as at April 2019, you will receive an annual statement by 5 April 2020. Your Annual Statement outlines how much you had in your pension pot at the date it was run, and provides information about the funds you were invested in at that date.

For most members the Annual Statement also includes an SMPI (Statutory Money Purchase Illustration), estimating what your future pension fund might provide you at your Target Retirement Date.

Although the scheme is closing, Welplan will produce Annual Statements and SMPIs for our scheme members for 2019/2020. These statements are issued via your secure online account, unless you have requested paper opt-in.


Secure online member accounts

All members receive an invitation to register for an online account (or to ‘opt-in’ to keep receiving paper copies). Annual Statements are available under the ‘Your Documents’ folder of your online account as default, this helps to reduce the production of paper-based documentation.

An important feature of your online account is the ‘Benefits Calculator, this feature allows you to calculate your options at your chosen retirement age, in the same way as the Annual Statement does, but in real time. This means that whether you are due an annual statement or not, you can log on at any time to view your latest position.

Your SMPI is based on a set of assumptions, so it should be read together with the explanation of these assumptions, which you can download below. If you require a paper copy, please contact a member of our team on 0800 1958080 or email contact@welplan.co.uk.



If you've not received your statement, it might be because your contact details are out of date. It's important that you let us know about any changes to your address and email details to make sure you receive communications from us. To let us know if your personal details have changed, contact our team.