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Making additional contributions

You can still pay more into your pension fund

Although Welplan is transferring its pension fund to a new master trust, it is still important that you save for your future. You can still make additional voluntary contributions.


If you’d like to have more in your pension pot when you reach your target retirement age, you might like to consider making an additional voluntary contribution (AVC) to your fund. AVCs are amounts paid into your pension that are over and above your normal salary deduction, they don’t have to be a fixed amount, and can even be a one-off payment.

Any AVCs you make will be collected through your employer’s normal payroll system, in the same way as your regular pension deductions.


How do I arrange to make an additional voluntary contribution?

You will need to complete the form that can be found in our AVC Guide. The guide will also give you more details on what AVCs are, and what the tax implications might be.


Any questions about AVCs?

If you need any further information, just give our team a call on 0800 195 8080 or email pensions@welplan.co.uk