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Pensions Closure

Welplan is no longer taking new employer applications

Welplan no longer provide pension services

Welplan Pensions (the Scheme) is now closed to contributions. The employer and member portals and all associated administration services are no longer available.

Welplan’s Death Benefit and Sickness and Accident Schemes continue to operate as normal and are completely unaffected by the closure of Welplan Pensions.

If you are a former member of the Scheme, or an employer who had employees with Welplan Pensions as at the 12th of November 2020, then the associated pension balances have now transferred to a new scheme. All employers and members of the Scheme have been notified by the Welplan Trustees of the transfer to their new pension scheme and should have received communications directly from them. If you require further information relating to your time as a Welplan Pensions member or client please contact Pensions@Welplan.co.uk and your email will be picked up by one of the Welplan Benefits team.

Welplan Ltd, and the Welplan Trustees would like to thank you for being part of Welplan Pensions.


Welplan continues to offer a wide range of benefits you can select for your employees, and you can tailor make the perfect package for your business. 


Why choose Welplan to provide your employee benefits package?

Completely flexible

One size doesn't fit all. Choose the package of benefits that's right for your employees

Team of experts

We have a skilled team of experts available to help you choose the most appropriate set of benefits 

Cost effective

Our benefits are managed as part of a large group scheme, meaning administration is centralised

Carefully selected

We have a carefully selected range of benefits, including bespoke benefits to satisfy industry agreements